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The Shards Mod For Minecraft PE 0.14.0
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As you know, glass, and ice blocks are pretty hard to get in Minecraft. The difficulty is mainly related to the fact that glass block destroying it nothing falls out. But if you set The Shards mod for Minecraft PE 0.14.0, then the destruction of these blocks will drop a special glass shards. In the end you can use for crafting blocks in the correct location. Treating the workbench in pieces, the player gets the blocks, and one of them will be able to create the special panel.

Procedure these steps are quite simple:
  • A piece of glass (ID 1000) — drops when breaking blocks and glass panels.
  • Glass block (ID 20) — to create it you will need nine glass fragments.
  • Glass pane (ID 102) — requires six glass blocks in the usual well-known recipe.
    The same situation is with the ice blocks. In the game there is a special new element – an ice shard. These elements are used to craft ice blocks in the following sequence:
  • Ice shard (ID 1003) — drops when breaking blocks of ice and Packed ice blocks
  • Ice block (ID 79) is constructed from nine pieces of ice
  • Packed ice block (ID 174) — is obtained from four blocks of ice.

    Thus, the player can find a suitable seed to the village, where there can be many blocks of glass and destroying them to get shards of ice. Their player already converts to the desired units in the location where he so desires. Of course, The Shards mod for Minecraft PE 0.14.0 has a use if you play in survival mode because in creative you still can easily get to any unit without any problems.

    The mod installs just with the help of Blocklauncher.
  • First, let's run BlockLauncher
  • Go to settings by clicking on wrench.
  • Proceed to the section ModPE script and click Add
  • Pulls file modification called Shards Mod.modpkg
  • Restart Blocklauncher and start the game.

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