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How To Install Minecraft PE Mods / Addons for iOS


Addons MCPE a very useful feature. You can download and install on your Iphone or Ipad new Minecraft PE mods. They will make the game more varied and interesting due to the emergence of new mobs, items, etc. In this guide I will show and teach you how to properly install these Addons to your device.

First we need to know what file formats are used for add-ons. Currently there may be 4, this standard ".mcworld" or ".mcpack" or custom ".Zip" or ".Rar" format. The first 2 formats was made specially for Win 10. Their convenience is that you only need to open them and the game automatically adds in the correct folder. But on iOS we did not succeed, this is all a bit complicated.

How to install Addons?
  • To start, pick up interesting addons for Minecraft PE
  • Next, install any file Explorer with which you can see all the folders on the iphone or ipad. In our case this will be "File Manager".

  • Go to the folder "Downloads" or other folder in which you downloaded the files from internet. As you can see in the screenshot above, we have downloaded 2 add-on, it is "Alien Invasion" and "Castle Siege". You have to open them as Zip archive. To do this, simply change the format ".MCWorld" on ".Zip" by renaming the file.

  • Inside the file format of the "MCWorld" we will have to wait behavior pack and map. All we can do is to move the folder behavior folder pack packs behavior, which is in games/com.mojang. And all the other files in this folder that are in this addon is the map. Need to transfer it to minecraftWorlds.

  • For convenience all of the remaining map files can be placed in the folder you created. Call it whatever you like. I named the "Castle".

  • The hard work is done. Now you need to create or edit the world:

  • As you can see, pack behavior is recognized.

    Video instructions on installing Addons:

    To complete the game, you can also visit our sections skins, maps, and seeds.

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