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Download Minecraft PE - Pocket Edition v0.16.2, 0.16.1, 0.16.0 Apk


Again (as in all previous articles of this type) I want to say that all updates bring Minecraft PE closer to the PC version of the game. Accordingly, the output of MCPE 0.16.2, 0.16.0 will be no exception, which will surely bring a lot of new, interesting and useful things to the game!

And so, friends! Recently, in light of the release of a full—fledged game - Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.4. Finally, in the update "Better Together" - the name of the update received by the Minecraft PE version 0.15.x, all the "content" associated with the red stone (mechanisms) has been added in full. Also in addition, horses and much more have been added in this version — about all the changes in 0.15

Well, are you ready to find out what the developers of the "MCPE" company "Mojang" have prepared for us!?

The first confirmed information announced by the developers about the future update is the introduction of underwater fortresses. This innovation was confirmed by Thomas!
Now in the depths of the oceans in the game world you will meet an underwater fortress and guards who will guard the fortresses. More information about the forts is coming very soon..

Confirmed innovation!)

The next update we will see is a new settings menu. This screenshot was shared by Thomas on his Twitter page. Agree, the menu looks pretty cool, and much simpler than the current one. The updated menu increases the level of development, because this menu is already more adapted to the PC version of Minecraft!

Confirmed innovation!)

— There are rumors that they want to introduce a new type of villages in the game, but very unusual. As we know, in Nether World we can only meet a huge fortress. I think many people would like more diversity in survival in this world, and on this occasion we have some information for you.

There are also suggestions that developers want to add village generation to Nether World. The village will look like in the real world, but with some changes. For example, on a farm that is located in a village, there will be no carrots, etc., and there will be nether development, and the generation of houses will be slightly changed.

Not confirmed innovation!)

MCPE 0.16.0 may contain new background music and more. In the screenshot below you can see under the recordings for listening to music and the music block. Now we will be able to enjoy background music while playing your favorite game.

Also, with the advent of background music, a music block and records for playing music, it will also be possible to extract records by killing creeper and skeletons using a bow, as in the PC version of the game.

Not confirmed innovation!)

In one of the foreign sources there was information that in May in Minecraft 0.16.0 there will be a armor stand as well as on the PC version of the game.
All information has been thoroughly checked, so wait in line for a rack with armor. It would be very cool and also convenient!

Not confirmed innovation!)

Polar bear

Yes, this is a brand new mob that will spawn only in winter biomes. While it is little known, but very soon, we will give full information about this mob.

Colored glass is only needed to decorate your beautiful designs. Also, a block of painted glass can be put on a working beacon, so you change the color of the beam. It is also used to create stained glass windows as well as colored wool. To do this, you will need glass blocks, dyes of the desired color and, of course, a workbench.

That's all for now! If you have your own estimated list of new features in Minecraft PE 0.16.0, then write about it in the comments below. We have something to please you with! More reviews, more information about 0.16.0!

Changelog 0.16.1

  • Fixed intervals in the text
  • Improved performance of the game
  • Fixed crash due to fire arrows
  • Fixed cast from the game when creating the world
  • The creeper again to explode when attacked by snow Golems
  • You can now delete the world and save the resource pack, if the path has characters in UTF-8
  • Fixed crash when editing names in the world
  • Fixed crash in Realms, when someone put a subject in the frame
  • Fixed upgrade slots in the player's inventory

Changelog 0.16.0

  • The generation of the dungeon in the ocean
  • Measurement Of The Ender World
  • Bosses
  • Patch with music
  • Boss Ender Dragon
  • Dragon egg
  • Colored glass
  • Mob Guardian
  • The star of the lower world
  • Ender pearl
  • The eye of Ender
  • Crystal edge
  • The Music Block
  • Ender Chests
  • World height of 256 blocks
  • Stands for armor
  • ModAPI(maybe)
  • The temple in the Mesa biome
  • Elytra(Maybe)
  • Head Ender dragon


All good mood. Leave your opinion in the form of a survey response or comment

The latest version: Download Minecraft PE 1.20 apk (547.24 Mb)

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17 Jul 2016
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