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Decoration Minecraft PE Mods, Addons

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Section: Minecraft PE Addons 1.12.0, 1.11.4, 1.11.1 | Date: 03 Mar 2019
3D Food Decoration Minecraft PE Addon
This is a great addon that can add to your Minecraft PE immediately more than 50 new items. Each item is a different type of food that has a realistic 3D model and its own icon in the creative inventory.
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Section: Minecraft PE Mods - Addons 1.12.0 | Date: 16 Jun 2019
Gl17’s Custom Shields Pack Minecraft PE Mod/Addon 1.12.0, 1.11.4
Custom Shields Pack with this you will get the ability to change the textures for the shields among 8 different styling options. In Minecraft PE, this can be used to make your skin and shield texture match the overall appearance of the player.
Views: 1248 |

Section: Minecraft PE Mods - Addons 1.12.0 | Date: 15 Sep 2018
Furniture - Furnicraft Mod / Addon 2019 For Minecraft PE 1.9.0, 1.8.1
Furniture is an updated mod-addon, which contains more than 100 furniture decorations for your home and outside.
Updated: added more decorations
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Section: Minecraft PE Mods - Addons 1.12.0 | Date: 13 May 2019
Decorative Hieroglyphs Minecraft PE Mod, 1.12.0
Now you will be able to use more decorative blocks in Minecraft PE. This mod will add the ability to craft 21 ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs on sand blocks.
Views: 634 |

Section: Minecraft PE Mods - Addons 1.12.0 | Date: 05 May 2019
More Decoration Tables Minecraft PE Mod/Addon, 1.12.0
More Decoration Tables mod is a new addon that will add more than 80 new tables to your Minecraft PE. This has its own crafting recipes and can be used in survival mode.
Views: 606 |

Section: Minecraft PE Mods - Addons 1.12.0 | Date: 04 Mar 2016
Pocket Decoration Minecraft PE Mod 1.4.2, 1.4.0, 1.2.14, 1.2.13
Mod Pocket Decoration adds more than twenty types of decorative items with which you will be able decorate every corner of your house and room unique decorations that will make your home more natural.
UPD: Added compatibility with 1.11 & versions.
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Section: Minecraft PE Mods - Addons 1.12.0 | Date: 13 Feb 2019
More Oceanic Fish Minecraft PE Mod for iOS, Android,
This Minecraft PE mod is able to diversify aquatic world by adding new friendly, decorative and hostile mobs, which can be found in the real world. Among the new aquatic mobs there are small and very large...
Views: 2016 |

Section: Minecraft PE Mods - Addons 1.12.0 | Date: 05 Dec 2018
Christmas Decorations Minecraft PE Mod 1.9, 1.8, 1.7 iOS/Android
This mod is able to add 23 Christmas decorations in Minecraft PE. Among them there are toys, garlands, led strip, Christmas tree, gifts under the tree and many different fairy-tale characters, such as Santa Claus.
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