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Download Minecraft PE 1.20.1, 1.19.83. apk Latest free


Download Minecraft PE 1.9.0, 1.8.0, 1.7.0, apk free
Not long time passed since the updates for MCPE 1.19.62, suddenly the company Microsoft and Mojang have released a new version of Minecraft the Caves Cliffs Update 1.20. The main feature of this release is possible to donate for downloaded custom maps, textures, and Addons on Android. As you can see, MCPE 1.18 for Android more focused to custom development rather than on their own projects.

Release date Minecraft 1.20

After numerous beta versions of MCPE 1.19, we can perform the quality of work of the developers, and to conclude that the release date will be on June, 2023. Also do not forget about versions 1.20, which will release on June 28-29.
Download Minecraft PE 1.2.0 APK

Minecraft 1.12.1

  • Added basic scoreboard functionality
  • You can now eat food in creative and peaceful
  • gamerule commandblocksenabled added
  • Mentions of player names are now highlighted yellow in chat

Update Minecraft 1.4.2

  • Added Icebergs
  • Added Tropical Fish
  • New Water Physics
  • New Blocks

Update Minecraft 1.2.7

Update Minecraft 1.2.0

As I said above, the main purpose of developers to make an open and comfortable platform in Minecraft Pocket Edtion to create custom add-ons that can be shared with other players. But Mojang also have to add something from myself. For this, we will consider all options of innovation that are present in the PC version, as well as hidden files within the app.
Download Minecraft PE 1.2.0 APK

The structure blocks. They simplify the process of building different structures. There are 4 types (Saves a structure to a file, loads the design, and puts it to certain coordinates, angular is used for marking the boundaries of the structure and the block of information which is used to store chests and other items with additional tags). First and foremost this will help developers with MCPE servers, because these compositions are to build spawn faster and more efficiently.

Iron nuggets. This resource is added to the PC, and we await their appearance in Pocket Edition. Such nuggets are obtained by crafting iron ingots and using roasting of iron objects. Of them you can craft chainmail armor, which at the moment can get only in creative mode.
Download Minecraft PE 1.2.0 APK

Hardcore mode. This is a new kind of survival. Its distinguishing feature is that after the defeat of the player, the world is deleted and you have to start survival from the start. Also in this mode, the mobs will become more powerful and can easily open the wooden door.

Updated: May 26, 2022.
Latest version: v. release
v.1.19.10 Beta

Minecraft PE Download

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Download Minecraft PE 1.20 for iOS

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