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Download Minecraft PE v1.19.83, 1.19.73 APK Bedrock free Version


Download Minecraft PE v1.19.10.20, APK free Version
Minecraft PE v1.19.83.01, (Bedrock Edition) is the full version for getting The Wild Update on your Android OS. It contains more than 150 changes and fixes, as well as more than 200 new features, most of which are designed to improve vanilla biomes and add completely unique mobs. This version of MCPE is now available for download, and it has a lot of interesting content for adventure and survival.

Now you will have the opportunity to go to explore the Ancient City, fight a strong and scary Warden monster, tame a friendly Allay minion who will collect resources for you, use more than 20 new items and blocks and much more that will make vanilla survival more advanced and diverse both on the surface and in the dungeons.

Minecraft 1.19 Release Date

As you know, the Wild Update concept became the winner in the Minecon 2021 voting. The developers from Mojang also gave players the opportunity to add custom things to this update. As a result, we will get a lot of new content that the developers planned and very smart things that the players wanted, for example, we will be able to use the Recovery Compass that points to the place of the player's last death. The development and testing of all these concepts takes an average of 10 months, so a full-fledged release should take place this summer.
  • Release date: May, 2023
  • Recent version: 1.19.83 Full
  • Platforms: Android, Windows 10, Xbox One

Minecraft PE 1.19.83 Features


  • Dropped by small magma cubes when they are eaten by frogs.
  • Has three variants: pearlescent (purple), verdant (green), and ochre (yellow).
  • Which variant is dropped depends on the frog variant that eats the magma cube.
  • A pearlescent froglight is dropped if a warm (white) frog eats the magma cube.
  • A verdant froglight is dropped if a cold (green) frog eats the magma cube.
  • An ochre froglight is dropped if a temperate (orange) frog eats the magma cube.
  • Emits a light level of 15.


  • Non-solid blocks that can be placed on the surface of water.
  • Disappears when water under the frogspawn is gone.
  • Can't be obtained in survival: does not drop upon breaking, even with Silk Touch.
  • Is laid by frogs after mating, when they are bred with slimeballs.
  • Hatches tadpoles after some time.
  • Tadpole variant depends on the biome where it grows into a frog.

Mangrove Leaves

  • Generated in mangrove trees.
  • A decorative block.
  • Can grow mangrove propagules, if pressed with bone meal.

Mangrove Log

  • Generated as a part of mangrove trees, which are located in mangrove swamps.
  • Can be crafted into mangrove planks and wood.
  • Has a stripped variant as well.

Mangrove Planks

  • Crafted from mangrove logs.
  • Can be used to craft respective slabs, stairs, fences, fence gates, pressure plates, signs, buttons, doors, boats and trapdoors.

Mangrove Propagule

  • A new type of sapling which grows into a mangrove tree when planted.
  • Grows underneath mangrove leaves.
  • Can be grown by applying bone meal to mangrove leaves, grows from the exposed bottom of it.
  • Propagules can also grow spontaneously from leaves, but only if they're naturally generated (not player placed leaves).
  • Have 4 stages to fully grown, can be accelerated with bone meal.
  • Can break off a fully grown one, plant it to growing a mangrove tree.
  • Can be planted both on land and underwater.
  • Can be placed in flower pots.
  • Bees can pollinate them.
  • Bees follow players holding them and can be bred with them.

Mangrove Roots

  • A see-through decorative block just like leaves, but can be waterlogged.
  • Water currently doesn't spread outwards like with other waterlogged blocks.
  • Mining faster when using axes.
  • Unlike leaves, it does not break when moved by a piston.
  • Has unique sounds.


  • Found in mangrove swamp biomes.
  • Can be created by using a water bottle, directly or through a dispenser, on dirt, coarse dirt and rooted dirt.
  • Can be converted into clay by placing mud above a block which has pointed dripstone underneath. The dripstone dries it out, producing a clay block.
  • This in turn enables renewable clay in Bedrock Edition (clay is already renewable in Java Edition).
  • When walking on mud, entities sink down a bit.
  • Like soul sand, but without the slowdown.
  • Enderman holdable.

Sculk Catalyst

  • Generates in the deep dark biome.
  • Emits soul particles after a mob dies within 8 blocks, and grows sculk related blocks.
  • Spreads sculk blocks to wherever a nearby mob dies. The amount it spreads depends on the amount of experience the mob is meant to drop.
  • Even if the mob doesn't drop experience as it wasn't killed by a player, the blocks would still spread based on the amount of experience it normally drops.
  • Experience does not drop in these cases.
  • The charge decays over time, faster the furthest away from the catalyst it moves.
  • If a charge decays more than 4 blocks away from the catalyst, it has a chance of creating either a sculk sensor (90%) or a sculk shrieker (10%).
  • If a charge decays more than 24 blocks away from the catalyst, it merely vanishes.
  • Drops only experience when broken without Silk Touch.
  • Emits a light level of 6.
  • Blooms when activated.

Sculk Shrieker

  • Generates in the deep dark biome.
  • Has two soul-shaped patterns in the center.
  • Has the ability to "shriek", emitting ring-like/sonic particles.
  • Is activated by a sculk sensor, redstone signal or player's stepping.
  • Sculk shriekers summon wardens only if there isn't one within 48 blocks.
  • Gives players the Darkness effect when activated.
  • If activated three times, a warden is summoned from the ground.
  • Player has 4 levels of warning_level (0-3), everytime activated, the levels increased by 1, and never decrease.
  • If a player had successfully summoned a warden, only one attempt is required to summon a warden next time.
  • Drops only experience when broken without Silk Touch.
  • Has a can_summon blockstate, which determines it summon a warden or not.
  • Set to true by default for sculk shriekers placed via worldgen.
  • Set to false by default for sculk shriekers placed by a player or generated via sculk spread.

Sculk Vein

  • Generates in the deep dark biome on the edge of sculk patches.
  • Generates in a layer on top of blocks, similar to snow.
  • Can be placed in all directions, like glow lichen.
  • Has an animated texture.
  • Drops nothing when broken without Silk Touch.
  • Some have parts that are transparent, allowing the player to see the block it is on top of.
  • Can be waterlogged.

Bucket of Tadpole

  • Added bucket of tadpole, can be obtained by catching a tadpole using a water bucket.

Disc Fragment

  • A fragment of the Music Disc "5", which can be crafted into the disc.
  • Can be obtained only from the chests in the ancient cities. They are extremely rare and hard to obtain.

Echo Shard

  • Can be found only in loot chests in ancient cities.
  • Can be used to craft recovery compasses.

Goat Horn

  • Drops when a goat rams coal ore, emerald ore, iron ore, log, packed ice, or stone.
  • Can play a loud sound that can be heard from afar, with a cooldown around 8 seconds between each use.
  • Have 8 variants, each variant have their unique sound.
  • "Ponder", "Sing", "Seek", "Feel" can be obtained from the regular goats' ramming, or the chest in pillager outposts with a 50% chance.
  • "Admire", "Call", "Yearn", "Resist" can only be obtained from the screaming goats' ramming.
  • The variant of horn that a goat may drop is completely random.

Mangrove Boat

  • A new type of boat, crafted with mangrove planks.

Music Disc 5

  • A new music disc, by Samuel Åberg, titled "5".
  • Obtained by restoring it from a fragmented state: can be obtained only through crafting by using 9 "Disc Fragment 5"s.
  • Track is similar in nature to 11.

Recovery Compass

  • A new type of compass which can point to the last place where player died.
  • Randomly spins if not held by a player, the player hasn't died, or when the player is not in the same dimension of the death point.
  • Can be crafted with a compass surrounded by 8 echo shards.

Spawn Eggs

  • Allay spawn egg.
  • Frog spawn egg.
  • Tadpole spawn egg.
  • Warden spawn egg.


  • Can find dropped blocks or items for a player, collecting the same items from the world as it holds in its hand.
  • Picks up dropped items in loaded chunks and can carry up to a stack at a time, and cannot duplicate items or take items out of chests. It drops its collected items when in range of a note block.
  • If holding an item it got from a player, it follows that player.
  • It can be made to hold an item by interacting with the allay.
  • The item can also be removed by interacting with the allay while with an empty hand.
  • Able to drop items at nearby note blocks, and stay close to a note block that has been played near them.

  • When playing a note block near them, that note block becomes their favorite one for 30 seconds, and they attempt to drop off items at the note block rather than at the player.
  • Connecting with note blocks is visualized by the vibration particle.
  • Connecting with note blocks can be blocked by wool, by placing wool between the allay and the note block.
  • If they have items in their inventory, they attempt to give them to their owner.
  • Sometimes spawn in cages next to pillager outposts (similar to iron golem), and inside woodland mansions.
  • Has a delay for picking new items after delivering items (3 seconds).
  • Immune to damage from its owner while holding an item.
  • Have 20 health points and a natural health regeneration of 2 health points per second.


  • The first fully blind mob
  • Has a sense of vibration. When sensing movement, it pathfinds toward the source of the movement. It follows and attacks players, mobs, and other entities that make vibrations.
  • When it detects a vibration, the growths on its head rattle and light up, similar to the sculk sensor.
  • Does not detect players that are sneaking.
  • Can detect players or mobs that have the Invisibility effect.
  • Has 500 health points and does 30 damage points on Normal difficulty.
  • Is immune to lava and knockback.
  • Drops a sculk catalyst upon death.

Ancient City

  • New structure that generates within the deep dark biome and includes all of the deep dark features within it.
  • Extremely large in terms of size, always generated at Y=-52.
  • Made of deepslate and its variants, basalt and its variants, and gray wool.
  • Contains soul sand, soul fire and soul lanterns, as well as candles and skeleton skulls.
  • Contains mysterious frames made of reinforced deepslate.
  • Contains chests with unique loot, like echo shards, disc fragments, and the Swift Sneak enchantment.
  • Hidden underneath the frame of reinforced deepslate are several rooms containing redstone mechanisms that serve to introduce new players to their function.

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