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ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE 1.14.0, 1.13.0, 1.12.1


ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE
Addon ToolBox allows you to add in the player's inventory all items in the game Minecraft PE and replace the well-known mod TooManyItem, the development of which has ceased. Now all functions that were available to players in TMI will be available in modification ToolBox, as well as some others, which you can find below. In addition to the main features which include editor inventory mod got the opportunity to change the game mode, changing weather conditions and many other things that will be useful to many players of Minecraft PE.

Addon possibilities:

  • Editor inventory
  • Apply effects of potions
  • Change the game mode
  • Change time of day
  • Enchanted items
  • To restore health
  • Airplane mode
  • Restores the scale of hunger
  • To set the spawn point and teleport between them
  • Screenshots

    If you set Toolbox in Pocket Edition, you will have really a lot of new features that will be useful to you during the game and will greatly simplify it or make it more intense.
    ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE
    ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE
    ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE
    ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE

    How to enable X-Ray?
    Go to Toolbox settings. Scroll down to the section "Modifications" in the Toolbox settings. Then enable support for the X-Ray in the game. After that, exit the system settings Toolbox.
    ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE
    With this option enabled, X-Ray in the game — you will see a new button in the lower right corner of the screen: "X-Ray". Click on it and you will see global changes in Minecraft Pocket Edition.
    ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE
    Once you have activated the X-Ray in the game — the ground becomes transparent and you can now see all the blocks under your feet and not only. Using X-Ray, you can see under the blocks of land blocks of various ores: gold ore, diamond, iron, coal and other ore blocks.
    ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE
    ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE

    How to display the status of the armor?
    In Toolbox from recently, there is a very cool option, which removes the Statute of your current armor you're wearing. Status of reservation will output the maximum level of strength of armor and the amount of strength that remained.
    ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE
    ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE

    How to get items?
    Locate the desired subject and click on it - you will get a popup GUI in which you need to specify the number of the selected resource by using the slider and click "Add"! or "Cancel".

    As you can see the crafting recipe of the item by clicking on the appropriate icon.
    ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE

    How to wear armor?
    Click armor to put it on your character. To remove the armor, hit it in the interface!
    ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE

    How to create an animal or mob?
    Go to Toolbox settings, then in settings, navigate to submenu "Mobs and animals [Entities]". In the menu "Spawn" hit "Mobs" and select the mob you want to spawn.
    ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE
    Next, to produce a selected animal or mob hit on the block and the mob will appear! To exit the menu. press key "Exit spawn mode"!
    ToolBox Addon For Minecraft PE

    The settings menu Toolbox:

    • Mode: (Survival/Creative)
    • Dimension: (Owerworld/Nether)
    • Fly: (On/Off)
    • No-clip: (On/Off)
    • Health: (Kill, Heal, Set)
    • Hunger: (Restore)
    • Spawn position: (Teleport/Spawn)
    • Time: (Set the time slider)
    • Stop Time: (On/Off)
    • Ticking Disable: (On/Off)
    • Weather: (1-basic, 2-rain, 3-storm)
    • Potion Effects: (Select the effect, duration and level of effect)

      Mobs and animals:
    • Spawn: (Select)
    • Kill: (Select)
    • Fire: (Select)
    • Set health (Set a certain number of lives)

    • Show a button in-game [Hide press "M"]

    The installation of addon ToolBox:

  • Downloadable addon ToolBox.
  • Download BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Go to BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Press the wrench key.
  • Include support for Addons.
  • Run the installer and install ToolBox.
  • Go in game, create the world and enjoy the established ToolBox.

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    Good mod!!!
    Not working on 1.14.2
    Support: MCPE 0.14.3
    Omg I love this!
    For iPad?
    How do u use this for hacks