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Too Many Items Addon for Minecraft PE iOS 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Too Many Items is a mod that allows the player to give yourself any item in the game by selecting it in the GUI [ Graphical User Interface (GUI)], which will be added to the gameplay Minecraft PE, after installing Too Many Items. Modification Too Many Items has many new features and functions that will allow you to a greater extent to control the game play Minecraft PE, for example, you can change the time of day, change the game mode and more.

When you go in the world of Minecraft PE, on the left of the screen you will see a M button which, when pressed, you will see a graphical interface with all the blocks, items and other elements that exist in the game.

It is also very useful feature (the possibility of) Too Many mod Items is that when you install any modification on the game client, Minecraft PE, be it a mod or addon, all new features, items, blocks, and other innovations to appear in the interface of the mod Too Many Items. That is why the TMI modification is the most popular among the players of Minecraft PE, with its help you will be able to use all the items in Minecraft PE even in survival mode.


  • Added automatic update of the mod.
  • Works now, as well as burning mobs.
  • Change time of day
  • The ability to spawn mobs and animals
  • Point teleporting.
  • New categories blocks for special items.
  • As many, many other things...


  • In selecting Amplifier [Amplifier] you need to specify the strength (level) of the effect.
  • In selecting the Duration [Length] you must specify the duration of effect.
    The positive effects

  • Speed effect speed.
  • Haste - the effect of acceleration.
  • Strength is the effect strength.
  • Jump - effect moves.
  • Regeneration - the regeneration effect.
  • Boots Health - the effect of increasing health.
  • Resistance - resistance effect.
  • Fire Resistance - the fire resistance effect.
  • Water Breathing - the effect of breathing under water.
  • Invisibility - the invisibility.
    Negative effects

  • Slowness - slowness effect.
  • Mining Fatigue effect of fatigue.
  • Weakness - effect of weakness.
  • Nausea - nausea effect.
  • Poison effect of poison.
  • Wither is the effect of desiccation.
    An example of the effect of "Improving health":

  • Review:

    Install Too Many Items addon:

    Downloadable add Too Many Items.
    Launch BlockLauncher Pro.
    Click on the wrench key, then "Settings BL".
    Include support for Addons.
    Run the downloaded Too Many Items and installing it.
    Go in game, create the world and enjoy installed TMI.

    04 Nov 2015
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