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Activate Commands Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Addon to activate commands adds in the world Minecraft PE, dozens of new commands with which you can control the world of the game.
You can change the time of day in the game to set any time convenient for you or even stop time in the game - the consequence will be that in game, everything will stop (time). As with the commands you will be able to gain experience, to enchant things and a lot more"!
How to use?
After you install the mod, disable the mod, then go into the game world. Now open a command prompt and type any of below commands.

List of commands:

1. For the server or single player
  • timeset
  • timeadd
  • timelock
  • timestop
  • give
  • player
  • health
  • hunger
  • getpos
  • gethealth
  • tp
  • jmp
  • effect
  • xp
  • lvl
  • enchant
  • clearInventory
  • rain
  • lighining
  • summon
  • gamemode
  • tick
  • tickset
  • stop
  • list
  • kick
  • say

    2. The client

  • setskin
  • profile
  • aigoals
  • bounds
  • paths

    Installation of the addon Activate Commands:

    Downloadable addon Activate Commands.
    Download BlockLauncher Pro..
    Go to BlockLauncher Pro.
    Press the wrench key.
    Include support for Addons.
    Run the installer and install Activate Commands.
    Go in game, create the world and enjoy installed Activate Commands.

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