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Storage Extension Addon for Minecraft PE iOS 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Storage Extension Addon - mod adds to Minecraft PE the barrels in which you can store different items. This type of storage is necessary and important elements in the game are very practical and comfortable. The barrel is not very complex and expensive crafting recipe, which means it can be done and used at almost any time.
Recipe and craft Block ID:

  • Barrel [bbl] (205) – 7 units oak + oak 1 plate.

    After you make the barrel, put it on the ground. Now make sure that in your inventory have some blocks or items and active inventory slot.

    Every time you press on the barrel with what some item in your hand, it will be added to the barrel. To add a stack of blocks or other items, hold your finger for 1-2 seconds, not fast clicking.

    Only one type of element or block can be stored in one of the barrels. The barrels can be stored for several stacks (64) of the same element. If you exit the game and come back later, then all the items that you have stored in the barrels will remain and you can use them on next!

    To get the blocks and items from the barrels, a quick tap on the barrels you get one item to get the whole stack of blocks or items, then click on the barrels a little slower.

    In our case we fast movements tapped 10 times on the barrels and got 10 pieces of oak blocks.

    Next, we slowly pressed on the barrels, which in the end got a whole stack of oak blocks.

    Addon install Storage Extension:

    Downloadable add Storage Extension.
    Download BlockLauncher Pro.
    Go to BlockLauncher.
    Press the wrench key.
    Include support for Addons.
    Run the installer and install Storage Extension
    Go in game, create the world and enjoy installed Storage Extension

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