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Single Potion Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


The Minecraft PE addon adds a Single Potion slot game a host of new effects which will be more fun. Of course the game has effects, but they are not easy to obtain, and with the help of mod the Single Potion you will be able to get the effect at any time.

To get any effect you need to enter a command .effect , for example: .effect jump 60 3 - now you will be able to jump much higher for 60 seconds. All the effects that are present in mod Single Potion described below and as is their use. This is the best mod for the effects to Minecraft PE!

How to use?
1. Go in peace, open the chat and write the command: .effect
2. Next you need to write the name or number of the effect (list below), for example speed 1.
3. This number represents the duration of the effect: 5, 10, 30, 60 sec. etc.
4. The last digit denotes the level of effect, such as 1, 3, or 5 etc. (the level depends on the force of impact!)


.the effect of 1 60 5
.the impact speed of 60 5

Before the word effect be sure to put a semicolon rather than /

Screenshot of fast running effect:

Screenshot of effect of invisibility:

Before we entered in the command prompt, which will make us invisible, we have included the mode from the 3rd person.

Once you use the invisibility effect, you will become invisible, and it looks like this:

Additional information:
Click on the effect icon in the upper right corner of the screen to see the name of the effect and remaining duration of the effect.

List of effects:

  • speed or 1 - speed effect
  • slowness or 2 - slowing effect
  • haste or 3 - effect of acceleration
  • mining_fatigue or 4
  • strength or 5 - effect power
  • instant_health or 6 - instant health
  • instant_damage or 7 - instant damage
  • jump or 8 - the effect of jumps
  • nausea or 9 - effect of nausea
  • 10 regeneration or regeneration effect
  • damage_resistance or 11 - effect damage tolerance
  • fire_resistance or 12 - effect of fire resistance
  • water_breathing or 13 - the ability to breathe underwater
  • 14 or invisibility - the invisibility
  • blindness or 15 - effect of blindness
  • night_vision or 16 - night vision effect
  • hunger or 17 - effect of hunger
  • or 18 weakness - weakness
  • poison or 19 - poison
  • wither or 20 - desiccation
  • health_boost or 21 - the effect of increasing health
  • absorption or 22 - effect absorption
  • saturation or 23 - saturation

  • Command:

  • /clear - delete all the effects.
  • /whomadeit - to find out who the Creator of this mod.

    Installation of addon Single Potion:

  • Downloadable addon Single Potion.
  • Download BlockLauncher Pro..
  • Go to BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Press the wrench key.
  • Include support for Addons.
  • Run the installer and install Single Potion.
    vGo in game, create the world and enjoy the established Single Potion.

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