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  • Minecraft PE Better Together 1.2.11 apk
    Minecraft Better Together is update that aims to bring together all the players from different platforms into one single one - the Bedrock Edition. Now all mods, Addons and maps have their own extension (.mcpack, .mccaddon and .mcworld) for installation on android, ios and windows 10.
  • Minecraft PE Better Together 1.3.0 apk
    Minecraft Aquatic Update is a global update of the underwater world of the game. Ten years later, the developers began to update the oceans, seas and rivers with new buildings, vegetation and mobs. Adventures in Minecraft become more interesting and fun.
  • Block Launcher Pro apk
    Block Launcher Pro is an application that will need to install various custom additions, such as texture packs, mods, skins and other addons.

Section: Minecraft PE Skins Bedrock Edition 1.2.10, 1.2.9, 1.2.8 | Date: 2016-03-13

Feel yourself in the role of the superhero with the proposed skin. If You want to stand before the inhabitants of the minecraft 0.14.0 brave and the bold player who every second is ready for any deed, even if you want to save the universe, this character is sure to be very harmoniously complement Your actions.
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Section: Guides, News, Tips for Minecraft PE 1.0.6, 1.0.5, 1.0, 0.16.0 | Date: 2016-03-09

Finally, the official confirmation that in MCPE 0.15.0 — 100% will be added pistons!
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Section: Minecraft PE Seeds Bedrock Edition 1.2.11, 1.2.10, 1.2.8 | Date: 2016-03-09

In this seed You have a unique opportunity to meet a huge triple desert village, which was lost far in the desert!
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Section: Minecraft PE Mods Bedrock Edition 1.2.10, 1.2.9, 1.2.8 | Date: 2016-03-09

Dragons mod adds in the world Minecraft Pocket Edition, five new types of hostile fire dragons that will soar above the earth and attack you with fire. Now you will need to have not just kind of vigilance to your ass, dreamed of a flock of fire dragons, which will fly around the world.
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Section: Minecraft PE Maps Bedrock Edition 1.2.11, 1.2.10, 1.2.8 | Date: 2016-03-09

A fascinating journey threatens the player with the hand will Turok Dimension map for Minecraft PE. The location is full of various tests. The adventures begin immediately and continue long.
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Section: Minecraft PE Texture Resource Packs 1.2.11, 1.2.10, 1.2.8 | Date: 2016-03-08

Created resource packs in order to affect the appearance of the world that the player travels in Minecraft. For the desktop version of the app for a long time have texture LoKiCraft PureCartoon, but for Minecraft PE 0.14.0, they appeared only now.
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Section: Minecraft PE Maps Bedrock Edition 1.2.11, 1.2.10, 1.2.8 | Date: 2016-03-08

This map was developed over two years. For such a long period, the creators were able to bring your product to perfection. As a result of their important work, the world saw TN City Map on Minecraft PE. It has absolutely all the attributes of this metropolis airport, huge office buildings with glass walls, various restaurants and eatery with fast food and countless skyscrapers, skyscrapers.
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Section: Minecraft PE Maps Bedrock Edition 1.2.11, 1.2.10, 1.2.8 | Date: 2016-03-07

This card is one of the world's most popular minecraft pe. Its more fun to go with the pocket version of your favorite game. So, You have to overcome twenty-five different levels. Each one is decorated differently and represents a particular biome of the game world. Looks very interesting and even informative. The levels themselves are built is also a little unusual.
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Section: Minecraft PE Seeds Bedrock Edition 1.2.11, 1.2.10, 1.2.8 | Date: 2016-03-07

Recently in the gaming world Minecraft PE become a very often visited place, which houses the hut with the witch. Usually, it's somewhere in the swamp. Although to find these mysterious places is hard enough, but most of micropterus who have studied the game space still reach the desired location.
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Section: Minecraft PE Addons Bedrock Edition 1.2.11, 1.2.10, 1.2.8 | Date: 2016-03-07

This addon will allow You to use new items that were previously withdrawn by developers. Now in a pocket version minecraft 0.14.0 you can use pearls to the edges and camera. So, if You remember, pearl edge - a subject that allows you to use teleportation. You only need to throw it in the right place and You will be able to appear there.
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