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Java’s Redstone World Creation Minecraft PE Map 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Java's Redstone World is a underground base with a lot of different Redstone mechanisms and machines. Map of Java's Redstone World will serve you an excellent start for survival in the world of Minecraft PE, if you don't want to build everything from scratch. Base includes mechanisms for harvesting farm — auto-farm a monster farm and a lot of hidden staircases where you can easily get lost.

This crusher machine. In the center of the machine there is a mechanism for the generation of spiders. The water flow makes all the spiders to stay in one place, where they at one point will crush the piston. After that you can go down the stairs and to take away all that from them fell.

This is a very simple mechanism, but nevertheless very useful. This cooker. Put some coal in a chest, and a few raw chickens in the other's chest and after a few minutes you will have cooked chicken, which can pick up the next chest that is designed for the cooked chicken.

It's a pumpkin and melon farm, which was fully automated. Open the chests and take the harvest.

It's a pumpkin and melon farm, which was fully automated. Open the chests and take the harvest.This is the semi-beet farm. Click the button below to harvest, and then use the seeds to re-plant the beets.

This mechanism is a hidden enchantment table. The enchantment table only appears after you put a Redstone torch on a particular block to activate the mechanism.

There are several different "mining floors." On these floors you can get access to the mines, which can be used for mining. Each mine is closed by an iron door, so that it does not hit monsters.

This map is really very easy to get lost due to its size. On the map, as we have mentioned earlier,there are a lot of hidden stairs, doors and a lot of moves in which it's just hard not to get lost. We strongly recommend to play on this map. This is really cool!

Installation of Java's Redstone World:
  • Download the map.
  • Remove the map from the archive.
  • Move the map by path: "/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds".
  • Go in Minecraft PE → Play → Select the installed map.
  • Enjoy the game!

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