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What you can do with Clay in Minecraft PE?


The man is such that he always wants to strive for excellence. So by building a home in Minecraft PE, most players want to have a building perfect inside and outside. To achieve such a result will help the clay blocks. They are a required ingredient to craft the required number of bricks or the manufacture of flower pots (available in newer versions of the game).

Where to start your search?
So to make clay blocks, and then the bricks need to find first the clay. To find it in different places. In particular, the generation of clay occurs at the bottom of rivers, oceans, swamps. Even in a small puddle, looking closely, you notice deposits of clay.

How to produce?
To get clay is a tool that is at hand. However, this is easiest to do with a pick or shovel. And, to save time, enchant them with the spell "Silk touch" — in this case, the player digs a block of clay. If this is not done, the result will be the production of clay pieces. In order to turn a piece of clay back into a block you need to correctly position them in the cell workbench. Take four pieces of clay and performed the procedure this way:
— the first row of the workbench leave blank;
— in the second filled with clay, only the first two cells, the third is left blank;
— the third material have the same as in the cells of the second row.

As a result, a block of clay left to burn and get a brick.

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