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How to make a Cape in Minecraft PE?


As a player of the famous game Minecraft PE, each user would willingly have identified your skin from the crowd with the help of special parts of your wardrobe. This item is currently Cape. Playing official version, to get they are allowed not to everyone. Users who can rightfully wear Cape's — game developers and members of the annual conference of MineCon.

The chance to acquire additional fashionable cape is still there — even playing on a local server.

How to make a cape in MCPE?

  • First Method to obtain a cape on one day during new year and Christmas holidays.
  • Method two is to install a special mod. One of them is SMP Capes. All you need the player in this case is to upload custom or choose ready cape, click more options.
  • Method three to draw a cape in the graphical editor. We will work in Paint or Photoshop. In the editor, create a file with a width of 22 and height of 17. You need to split the work into two halves and left to draw a cape. Save it in png format. Then, rename the file and add a folder with files called Minecraft PE.

You can also go the other way is to upload to the server and from there to change the look of your skin. The result — the original cape to the envy of other gamers.

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