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Setup Minecraft PE Server on VPS/VDS For 1.1, 1.1.0, 1.0.5, 1.0.0


Setup Minecraft PE Server on VPS/VDS
This article describes how to setup a MCPE server on a VDS (VPS). The advantage of this solution is the selection of the right cheap resources, more access in settings and the possibility to install an infinite number of slots, which is not available on the various paid hosting servers MCPE.

I want to immediately warn you about the cons of such decisions. This is a weak protection against various types of attacks (Ddos, hacking) and certainly not user-friendly control panel. These shortcomings will haunt very visited server, but if you plan to create a small multiplayer server, then you should not be afraid for it.

Setup Minecraft PE Server on VPS

  • For a start, it is necessary to order the server with the appropriate set of resources (RAM somewhere 3-4 GB). For example, a cheap solution would be VPS Cloudflare or VPS Godaddy
  • Then, you have to log in ssh console for entering commands. They are suitable for VDS with Debian
  • After went in the right section, enter the following command:
    apt-get update
    apt-get install screen
  • The command you need to enter with a break of 5 minutes to all the necessary resources have enough time to install
  • Now you need to select the directory in which to store the files of MCPE server. You can create with help commands or log into SFTP and create manually
  • Commands
    mkdir name_folder — create folders
    cd name_of_the_created_folder — go to directory
  • Now Setup a PocketMine:
    wget -q -O — | bash -s —
  • Further, to start the server you need to enter:
  • Ready!

    Server Tips

  • That the server will run after the crash, go to the file and where DO_LOOP, check "yes". But, when you type the command /stop the server immediately turns on
  • To force the server to run 24/7, use the utility "Screen" (we installed it in the beginning). Enter the command screen, then ./ After exiting the console, when you login you need to write screen-x to enter it. After restarting the VDS screens will fly

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