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How to make a armor rack in Minecraft PE?


This useful device as a stand for armor in MCPE it performs a lot of useful features. It looks similar to the real object or entity, which you can wear armor. In addition, it is possible to wear the head and pumpkin, to give up the sword and put as an alternative to chest face to the player. In order to make several rows of such entities need very little materials.

That's all you need — one stone plate and sticks (the required number of six pieces). The next step is opening Workbench and filling it with the necessary amount of materials. Therefore, take the sticks and fill in the workbench of the entire top row and the middle cell of the range bench that is in the center. Next, you need to take a stone slab and place it in the middle of the bottom row. Then, as we have seen, remained free cells. So the player fills in their remaining sticks. As a result, obtained a new rack under armor.

What else can you use a rack for armor?
Interesting option profit is an exhibition of enchanted armor that enterprising players put up for sale. Besides front armor can be used as a handy stand for a sword or as a tool to create fake guards. And also, without losing the ability to remove and wear armor, it can be put into the trolley.

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09 Feb 2017
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