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How to make a Red Torch in Minecraft PE?


Need power supply for operation red wires or need to activate complex structures and mechanisms in Minecraft PE? Then, the player needed a helper as the red torch. This source of heat and light may automatically be activated as a result of combination of the block on which it is installed. The player to use it as a lighting device — it is unprofitable and unwise, because the device emits many times less light than a standard torch, and is not able to melt the ice and snow.

A list of materials you need for crafting red torch?
For crafting players need the stick (1 piece) and red dust (1 unit). If you find wood (boards) — the task is simple, extraction of red dust still have to spend time. Therefore, the user can get the red dust in several ways — trade, defeating the Witch from which it falls as a drop, and extraction from the mine. Last, the easiest way is to descend into the mine with a diamond or iron pickaxe, food and lighting tools. It was there, near the hot lava, and mined red dust tool or spell "Silk touch".

Procedure in workbench
When the desired material is found, open the workbench and in the Central cell put red dust. Then, immediately underneath, in the bottom cell have a stick. The result — a red torch ready.

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