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How to build an infinite chest in Minecraft PE?


Greetings to all fans of cubism, today I will tell you how to build an infinite chest. Its essence is that you can add as you like cars with a chest in one unit, and they will all staked.

But overdoing it is not worth, because may continue in the game, because the trolley is such as the creeper, cow, zombie, or someone else, and from the very large number of them in one place, chunks can be loaded and can appear in logs.
Let's start:
Step 1:Take inventory of the following items(screenshot 1)(2 funnel, distributor, rail, 2-4 chests, minecart with chest,button)

Step 2: Place a chest,and in his direct funnel.

Step 3: Place a dispenser in the side of the crater, and power distributor button or lever. Just put a trolley with a funnel as in the screenshot(so she was looking right at the distributor

Step 4: Direct on top of the rail, a funnel, and place the trunk(it is where you will put the items that you want to keep yourself in stock)

This warehouse is very easy to do under a rock, the earth, the stone, gravel and other resources, which can be very much. Now, when the lower chest is filled, things will go in the minecart with chest(you can put it to 10, and forget about the replenishment of stock new trolleys with a chest.

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22 Jun 2016
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