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Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.12.1 Build 9


For these three days, the developers did a great job on another pre-build Minecraft PE 0.12.1. In the new Minecraft PE 0.12.1 build 9 version, you will see a lot of bugfixes that are not more will not hinder you to enjoy the wonderful moments of the game.

List of changes in 0.12.1 Build 9 is very rich, he has more than ten items of important changes in the game, mostly what is now snow Golems leave snow as the particles are now not as dark inside the unit, also has a rain visible under water ... a Full list of changes in Minecraft - Pocket Edition Build 9 0.12.1 read on!

Full list of changes:


  • Particles now not so dark inside
  • Snow Golem without pumpkin now just remains derp-head :3
  • Snow Golems leave snow
  • Particles of cactus are now displayed correctly
  • Centered title in the furnace
  • Random world led is now more random
  • The size of the D-pad is now called "the button Size"
  • Shock enchanted weapons no longer "runs" monsters
  • Skeletons-osushiteli no longer up to the door smile
  • The village now spawned wheat + something else
  • User IP addresses will require uniqueness
  • Now the rain visible under water
  • Optimized rain and snow

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed frieze with DNS
  • Fixed bug with random chunks
  • Fixed bug with "Back" button after starting the game
  • Fixed a bug when pressing the button "Enchant"
  • Fixed client freeze when entering multiplayer game
  • Fixed crash due to the resident, when he was in the Lower world
  • Fixed teleporting player at the time of death, when he was at the portal to the
  • Lower world
  • Fixed a bug when opening the preferences window controller
  • Fixed broken spell in multiplayer
  • Fixed memory leak in the villages
  • Tamed wolf now can eat rotten flesh
  • Quartz blocks can no longer be rotated arbitrarily (but the poles can!)
  • Keyboard support for navigating through worlds
  • Fixed support for "native" characters from the keyboard
  • The player can no longer move objects around after death
  • Zombie villagers now can haunt residents
  • Fixed E key closes the anvil
  • The controller is now localized
  • The option "Size of buttons" can now modify other UI elements
  • Fixed pink line under the icon armor
  • Fixed the sound of the teleportation of Endermen
  • Arrows will no longer shoot when the player looks at the chest
  • Fixed black square next to the player name in the menu
  • The "Back" button now returns you to menu of servers
  • Chests now support custom names

  • Which of the features in this update did you like the most?
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