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Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.12.1 Build 11


Have only gone a day and we are again in the hands of a new pre-release version of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.1 build 11.

We never understood why the light went out 0.12.1 build 11 if the developers said that the 0.12.1 build 10 was the last final version, which summed up the results of update Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.1!

In Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.1 build 11 you will see the following: now Spell power is now even stronger! (like on PC). The trip to Hell will be even more productive and with less waste of time as the shovel is now faster destroys the Sand Road and shower block. But the main feature is that now the enchanting table can be crafted in a Workbench!

Now we have a normal resolution screen!!!


  • Now blocks can be placed under the player when he crouches
  • The end portal frame in the Lower world can be turned
  • Now faster shovel destroys Sand Road and shower block
  • Book silk touch added to the inventory of Creative mode
  • Enchantment level is now even stronger! (like on PC)
  • The enchanting table can be crafted in a Workbench.

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the player was drinking two different potions
  • Fixed position of spawn diamonds
  • Fixed bug when renaming items
  • Fixed synchronization chickens
  • Damage from cacti now works in multiplayer
  • Fixed fire damage
  • Fixed "Ssssssss" the sound of a creeper in multiplayer
  • Silk touch now works on regular and dense ice
  • Creepers can now burn
  • Puppies are born without collar
  • Hasta no longer lit up from the spawn egg
  • Now you can place the skull on the ice
  • Torches can be placed on the side of Spauner mobs
  • Snowflakes no longer flicker
  • Sounds should no longer issue the echo
  • Mushroom blocks can be obtained the right way
  • Shot helmet under water now works correctly
  • Tamed wolves will attack the target, when the player shot it from a bow
  • Fixed exhaustion from hunger in Creative mode
  • Zombie-pig-man can now zapounidis with may enchanted sword
  • Fixed the appearance of Redstone in the furnace
  • Fixed "fight door" on a luminous stone

  • Which of the features in this update did you like the most?
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    05 Nov 2015
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