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Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.12.1 Build 12


And so dear friends for the words of the developers of Mojang - Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.1 Build 12 is the latest pre-release version chains game update Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.1. This means that after Minecraft PE Build 12 0.12.1 we can only wait for the official release date of full version of Minecraft PE 0.12.1, we don't yet know, but soon, I hope that the developers will be notified about this.

And what do we have in the final preliminary version 0.12.1 Build 12 MCPE: now the sounds of digging the earth and walk the earth the same as on the PC version of Minecraft. Also slugs use the proper sounds, the more casulity not make the sound while driving, the lava in the nether world now is the same as on the PC version of Minecraft.

Also in this version the developers have made a variety of bug fixes, which spoil the impression MCPE new players who just started to play this wonderful game!

Full list of changes:


  • Rod now repeating the sound
  • The sounds of digging and walking now the same as on PC
  • Slugs now use the normal sounds
  • Cesminica no longer makes noise while driving
  • Of Skeletons and Skeleton iskusiteley right now the death sound
  • Lava flows in the Lower world as a PC

    Bug fixes:

  • The animation of the destruction of the chest is now visible from all sides
  • Critical hits now "create" more particles
  • More good vibration when destroying tall grass 2
  • Fixed chests not closing after use
  • Fixed the stretching of the bowstring of the bow at the skeletons
  • Fixed the destruction of the cooking rack that'm dropping the wrong subject
  • Enchanted items are now correctly synchronized with the client and the server
  • Fixed error when opening stonecutter
  • Fixed drop while fishing, which accidentally brought you an infinite number of ink bags
  • Fixed the float, which did not go down far enough, when the fish swam up to him
  • By extracting the beet out of print the sound of the stone
  • Fixed production 2. high grass in multiplayer
  • Zombie pig man is now attacking Golems
  • Endermen now teleport away from the player when he shoots at him with my bow
  • In a jungle the leaves no longer disappear with magic
  • The egg spawn zombies sometimes spawned Zombie-resident
  • Fixed a bug when cats attack the player together with the wolf
  • Now creates snow ice (that once had to be)
  • The player can no longer push through walls of Golems
  • The player will no longer choking on hatches
  • Hatches can now be put on bottom and top of the unit
  • Creeper is now lit with white light and explode when you hit them with the flint
  • Fixed a small range of the explosion of dynamite, who was standing on the fence
  • The trees now'm dropping apples from decaying leaves
  • Torches can now be put on the fence of infernal bricks
  • Players now correctly hold the bow and reed in the third person

  • Which of the features in this update did you like the most?
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