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Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.12.1 Build 10


Finally, mojang has released the final pre-release version of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.1 build 10. In this version you nothing much new to see, from now on leaf color and texture vary depending on the biome (new shaders), de the game updated sounds, and the Endermen will try to avoid water here are the new features that will be more evident.

But the main feature, which will now be with version 0.12.1 Minecraft Pocket Edition build 10 is that now people are becoming Zombies-residents in the hardest mode of the game...

Now everyone is waiting for the final version Minecraft Pocket Edition 012.1, which should soon be on our screens!

Full list of changes:


  • Always be Zombie residents in the hardest game mode
  • Endermen will try to avoid the water
  • Now the leaf color and texture vary depending on the biome (new shaders)
  • Updated sounds!

    Bug fixes:

  • Subjects again you can dropati
  • When you die in the nether world, reborn in the real world
  • Fixed a bug in multiplayer during pogrugenie chunks
  • Fixed bug with Residents in multiplayer
  • Fixed black screen when players start the game with a bad Internet connection
  • The snow did not accumulate under the stairs
  • Fixed crash in crafting menu
  • Mobs no longer jump on the sand shower
  • Fixed chest
  • Fixed the sounds of the Endermen, when he got damage
  • The village no longer spawned anywhere without an inhabitant
  • Hoe now loses its strength when using
  • Creepers now can be placed on sheets
  • Now the skulls look a bit different in multiplayer
  • Dark oak and acacia does not grow more than you need
  • Fixed crash when you touch Enchanting
  • Zombie-pig-man now correctly dies from the explosion of TNT
  • Fixed the sound of the teleportation of Endermen clients
  • Fixed input in the field "port" the server
  • On tablets you can now enter Unicode characters
  • Fixed particles in the destruction of cacti
  • Fixed not working rename in Anvil
  • Particles no longer flicker black

  • Which of the features in this update did you like the most?
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