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Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.12.1 Build 8


In Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.1 Build 8 you'll now see a more realistic explosions. Also now on the game servers Nicknames of the player you will be able to see from a distance like on the PC version. As of version 0.12.1 Build 8 the game will be a kind of feature which will make you more wary of your character. Now when you hit the ceiling on his head this will cause a slight delay of the jump. Other features that will now be in Minecraft PE with MCPE version 0.12.1 Build 8 read more ...

Full list of changes:


  • Blast is now more realistic.
  • Many corrections on the control screen.
  • Player names are now visible from afar.
  • Hit his head on the ceiling now gives the delay of the jump.
  • The hitboxes of Gustav now larger.
  • Experience orbs will now burn in fire and lava.
  • Beet in the villages will be more.

    Bug fixes:

  • The entrance to the world smoother now.
  • Tap on D-Pad-or the toolbar no longer chose the blocks under the button.
  • Enchanting tables now work in multiplayer.
  • Fixed the Crouch button.
  • Bottles no longer disappear when you take them from the cooking rack.
  • The controllers are now correctly recognize the game when you connect.
  • Mobs no longer jump to the sand shower.
  • Skins are now updated when switching to the screen skins.
  • Fixed some Taiwanese and Japanese characters.
  • Fixed a broken button Y-axis on the controller.
  • Fixed random multiplayer crashes.
  • Now use the "next" button to switch to another window (controller).
  • D-pad-ohms you can now choose a list of players in menu (controller).
  • A sitting dog will no longer choke when the snow falls.
  • Fixed panel size experience.
  • Fixed wrong name of a double chest.
  • All the spells now show their level.
  • Clients on Android will no longer get a trial notice.
  • Lava prevents falling damage.

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