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Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.12.1 Build 6


With version 0.12.1 Minecraft Pocket Edition Build 6 the game has officially introduced a new camera mode - forward vision of the character. This is now known as "selfie", so we can say 100% that in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.1 now have "selfie" mode. Also in build 6 made more vivid lava, stone shovel and the hoe moved to another location on the inventory in creative mode and more ...

Full list of changes:


  • Stone shovel and the hoe moved to another location on the inventory in Creative mode
  • Modified particles when placing water in the nether world
  • The lava is now brighter
  • Changed AI of Gustav: now they will be even stronger to try to hurt you in battle
  • Added new camera mode ("selfie") in the options

    Bug fixes:

  • Now players will not die from bedrock
  • Fixed drop basic ores (iron, gold) when you mined with a pickaxe, enchanted with "Luck"
  • Fixed slow flowing lava in the nether world
  • Upon destruction of the chests that drop from enchanted things never lose their charge
  • Fixed the crafting in multiplayer
  • Different types of boats are now displayed correctly in the hand
  • When mobs went on the sand shower, they became black
  • Fixed number of particles when the player jumped on the fur
  • Now works renaming in the anvil on Android devices
  • Fixed anvil in multiplayer
  • Fixed exit menu, when the player set the skin

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