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Woodland Mansion Minecraft PE Seed 1.10.0,, 1.8.1


Woodland Mansion is a huge room in which live a villagers. This MCPE Seed will help you to quickly find the mansion and fully explore it. Woodland Mansion has 3 floors, each of which placed different auto farms, chests with valuable items and also lives here, their leader. The mansion is very large and for this reason you can easily move in.

By visiting this seed, you do not need to care about the build your own home, because at your disposal will be a mansion with lots of rooms, servants, food and other adaptations for survival.

On the ground floor, I managed to find some items that will be useful at any time. They are located in a dark room in a small chest.


Seed 317572487
Teleport command /teleport @p -3352 70 5496

01 Apr 2017
Added by: ^^ADMIRALL^^ | Views: 25113 | Comments: 3 | Tags: Minecraft PE Village Seeds, Minecraft PE Temple Seeds

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Total comments: 3
How do you find the mansion?
What world do we need to spawn in EX: Sunflower field, Survival islands, etc.....
I need instructions to get to it sad :(