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4 Villages and 2 Temples Best Seed For Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


This is the best seed you can expect a big and fun adventure in Minecraft PE. You will visit a giant village, which is directly from the 4 and the 2 temples that generate not also in a peculiar way. Starting to build and develop in survival mode, this area will fit almost any player due to the simplicity and convenience in the collection of materials and food.

How to find the temples?
And so, once you swapned seed, you need to turn 30 degrees to the left - that is, you hold both the buttons to the left and up. After a short walk, you will find the delta of the river, and to her temples:

In each grave you are waiting for simple traps, and the fact that he loves every player treasures.

How to find 4 villages?
Now we are facing a very complicated and a bit long way to the settlements. Coming out of the temple situated on the river, heading straight, heading slightly to the left by 10 degrees:

Focus will be on this unusual rock, after which we need to take a course to the left, keeping the path of the riverbed.

And here it is, a huge settlement, I can even say a small town with its micro industry:

Seed: -2109943162

11 Jul 2016
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How the hell am I supposed to find these things when you don't even post a freaking video of how to find them? I read the text but it makes no sense to me