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Castle - Fort Seed For Minecraft PE 1.2.11, 1.2.10, 1.2.8

2017-01-14, 14:13:09
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Huge village will generated in such a way that it resembles a large Fort or a mighty castle in Minecraft PE. All the buildings surrounded by water is an additional level of protection from the monsters. Near the castle there is a small plateau, which is a platform for your further development.

With a little effort, you can figure out how to expand the size of the Fort, and strengthened it with a wall.
Seed is unique because it can hold a huge amount of time. You can just survive and finish this area.

Your spawn to be right in the centre of the village:

Is an ordinary village on the island:

In this village there is one small disadvantage here destroyed the forge:

Instead, nearby You have flat areas where you can something build:


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