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Minecraft PE Village Seeds

Skyscraper Minecraft Bedrock Seed
Present to your attention a seed which spawn you are immediately in a beautiful village which even has a high-rise building. It looks very impressive, because building at such a height are generated i...

Neighbouring Villages Minecraft Seed
You can find two villages in this seed. A village should not be difficult to find, since you will initially spawn in it. Nearby offers long and wide cave with many resources required for pumping...

Beautiful Village Minecraft Seed
With this seed you will spawn in the perfect place. The spawn point will be on the edge of the village. It is very beautiful, there are all the necessary resources to play in survival mode.

Epic Mountains Minecraft Seed
After you spawn you will be able to see the big mountains, and a waterfall. In fact, this is an epic mountain ledge. This is a rare seed, fairly difficult to find seed in which its main attraction will be rig...

Village Spawn Minecraft PE Bedrock Seed
Using the given seed to generate a new world in your favorite game Minecraft, you will spawn under a tree on top of a mountain. Looking at the environment you'll notice that your disposal ...

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