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Factorization 5.2 Mod For Minecraft PE 0.15.2, 0.15.1, 0.15.0
, 10:09
Rating: 3.8/27

Mod add:
  • 5 new ores.
  • 39 mechanisms and a variety of items.
  • Beautiful and user friendly interface many mechanisms.
  • Automatic extraction of any resource.
  • The work and storage of liquids (barrels, pipes and pumps).
  • The possibility of transporting items between chests and mechanisms will connect the mechanisms to the network.
  • The energy from which most of the works. Produced by the generators t is transported on the wire.
  • Electrical tools, weapons and quantum armour.
  • Beekeeping.
  • Nuclear bomb.
  • 6 new fluids, 1 of them you can pour into the world like water.

    Features of the script and how to troubleshoot:

    In any unclear situation return in the world.
    No the device does not support double chests. Ie the trunk will be considered complete if will be filled first 27 slots. the remaining slots will not participate in the treatment.
    If you press the movement key that is written "not activated", or the mechanism simply does not work, click on the Redstone mechanism.
    If you think that the energy is not transmitted by wire or objects on the pipes, then reinstall the pipes/wires that transmit energy
    When you install a script during the game (not main menu) it will not work, appears that the script is disabled. To activate the reset world.
    If the GUI does not appear, or does not work correctly use the app from the archive with the mod. It correctly installs the files GUI regardless of whether there is Internet or not.

    Working with configuration file:

    The configuration file of the mod is located at /games/com.mojang/factorization.options
    Each adjustment has 3 values:
    true - enabled
    false - disabled
    fancy - depends on the configuration of the improved graphics
    The settings:
    -armor_safe_mode is a very important setting, enabled by default. Off quantum/nano armor, because that armor may crash minecraft on many devices. Can try to turn it off.
    version_code version of the configuration file. The change will restore the configuration by default.
    barrel_liquid_animation - shows whether the liquid in the barrels
    pipe_item_animation - animation of objects in the pipes
    test_pipe_liquid_animation - test animation of the fluid in the pipes. Disabled by default, so it causes strain and it has bugs.
    liquid_engine_animation animation work liquid-fuel generator
    overpowered_machine_explosion - enables/disables the explosion of the mechanisms and wires at tall voltage
    resistance - enables/disables the resistance
    debug - enables/disables debug mode (in debug mode shows the performance time of one tick, the tick mechanism etc in milliseconds

    Installation Factorization:

  • Download the archive with the mod and start BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Version Minecraft PE should not be lower than 0.14.0.
  • Then install the file .modpkg as ModPE script
  • Then install the file .apk as app
  • Restart The Launcher
  • Wait until the first download.
  • Play!


    armor will not work with connected players.
    any animation will be visible only to the host.
    many add-ons work in multiplayer.

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    Total comments: 5
    This isn't v5.2, nor does it work with v0.15.2, so, why tell people that it is....
    its 5.1. Plz wait for realize new ver.
    wink wink wink wink wink angry angry angry angry angry angry angry angry angry
    dry dry dry dry cool cool cool cool cool cool cool
    Please ver 0.14.0 don't ver 0.15.0 itd yes ver 0.14.0 new itemsy