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Creepers+ MCPE Mod for iOS, Android 1.8, 1.7, 1.6.0


Creepers+ MCPE Mod 1.1,, 1.0.5,, 1.0.0
Mod Creepers+ adds in the world Minecraft PE 11 new creeper, which will be a great addition to the existing mobs. All new creeper have the same properties and functions, when you come very close to them - they explode. The difference between ordinary explosions the creeper and new that after the new creeper explosion, they leave behind another trail. For example, one of the creepers dropping the cake, the second creates a stream of lava, the third does something else.
Creepers+ MCPE Mod 1.1,, 1.0.5,, 1.0.0
Creepers+ MCPE Mod 1.1,, 1.0.5,, 1.0.0
Where can I find them, and what happens to them when the creeper explode?
All creeper can be spawned using eggs that you can find in your inventory creative regime. If you download an additional mod that will automatically spawn new creeper world in Minecraft Pocket Edition, you won't need to manually spawn them, they appear randomly in the world of MCPE and all other creeper.

Confectionery creeper leaves a cake with "candles"!
Creepers+ MCPE Mod 1.1,, 1.0.5,, 1.0.0
Gingerbread creeper leaves behind cookies.
Creepers+ MCPE Mod 1.1,, 1.0.5,, 1.0.0
Fire creeper will burn to the ground. If you try to beat the creeper, you can be set on fire.
Creepers+ MCPE Mod 1.1,, 1.0.5,, 1.0.0
Water creeper leaves a huge stream of water.
Creepers+ MCPE Mod 1.1,, 1.0.5,, 1.0.0
Magma creeper leaves behind a huge lava flow. Overhead the world could be hell if you try to deal with this creeper.
Creepers+ MCPE Mod 1.1,, 1.0.5,, 1.0.0
To attack the creeper in the night light, it's just perfect, because they leave behind lots of blocks of luminous stone.
Creepers+ MCPE Mod 1.1,, 1.0.5,, 1.0.0
Spiritual creeper is a bit faster and more nimble from the ordinary creeper, but they cause the same damage as standard.

The dark creeper to turn day into night.

Solar creeper causes the sun if it's night.

ID Eggs:

  • Fire creeper (id - 500)
  • Water creeper (id - 501)
  • Magma creeper (id - 502)
  • Clay creeper (id - 503)
  • Electric creeper (id - 504)
  • Ice creeper (id - 505)
  • Light creeper (id 506)
  • Spiritual creeper (id 507)
  • Dark creeper (id - 508)
  • Gingerbread creeper (id - 509)
  • Confectionery creeper (id - 510)
  • Solar creeper (id - 511)

  • Updated: modification compatible with 1.6, 1.5.x versions

    How to install Creepers+ Mod?

    • Download mod
    • Go to settings BlockLauncher Pro
    • Select [ModPE Script] from the menu that appears
    • Click button [Add]
    • Click [Add]
    • In the [import script] select [phone memory]
    • Go to the folder in which you saved the mod
    • The mod should be in the format (.js)
    • Select the desired mod
    • Mod installed, have fun!

    How to install texture pack?

    • Run BlockLauncher Pro
    • Click on the wrench, and then "Tuning BL"
    • Click on the "Texturepack" and then "Import"
    • Now you need to find the downloaded texture pack in the file system of your device and click on it
    • Texture-pack installed!

    28 Feb 2016
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