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Birds Mod For Minecraft PE Android 0.15.6, 0.15.4, 0.15.3, 0.15.1

2015-10-22, 15:09:34
Rating: 5.0/2

If you have a little animal in the world Minecraft Pocket Edition, this mod is for you. Birds mod adds in Minecraft Pocket Edition 14 types of different birds that have different continental adventures. In the world of Minecraft PE will be added to penguins, gulls, flamingos, owls and many very beautiful and incredibly stunning birds that the world will become more vivid as if you are somewhere in the tropics (All comes from what species of birds - because not all birds are found in the tropics.

How to find the birds?
The only way to see a bird is to get the egg to spawn the birds using the mod Too Many Items. Then click on the ground the egg to spawn the bird. The identities of the eggs can be seen on.

ID Eggs:

  • Robin Sapwn Egg (id - 488)
  • Penguin Sapwn Egg (id - 489)
  • Peacock Sapwn Egg (id - 490)
  • Crow Sapwn Egg (id - 491)
  • Sea Gull Sapwn Egg (id - 492)
  • Owl Sapwn Egg (id - 493)
  • Toucan Sapwn Egg (id - 494)
  • Parrot Sapwn Egg (id - 495)
  • Phoenix Sapwn Egg (id - 496)
  • Eagle Sapwn Egg (id - 497)
  • Robo Cluck Spawn Sapwn Egg (id - 498)
  • Duck Sapwn Egg (id - 499)
  • Ostrich Sapwn Egg (id - 500)
  • Flamingo Sapwn Egg(id - 501)

This set of armor is made with a special "magical" feathers that you can get with birds.

These feathers fall from Phoenix.


How to install mod Birds?:

  • Downloadable mod.
  • Software download need BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Go to settings BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Select from the menu that appears [ModPE Script].
  • Click button [Add].
  • Click [Add].
  • In the [import script] select [phone memory].
  • Go to the folder in which are preserved mod.
  • The mod should be in the format (.js).
  • Select the desired mod.
  • Mod installed, have fun!

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