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Bat Simulator Mod For Minecraft PE 0.15.7, 0.15.6, 0.15.4
, 22:16
Rating: 4.0/8

With the help of mod Bat Simulator you will be able to turn into a bat and fly around the world Minecraft Pocket Edition. Bat Simulator is a fairly simple mod, but in some cases it can be useful. This is the usual option is switch to creative mode where you can fly, but in the body of a bat, which has some features in comparison with conventional character.

How to turn into a bat?
It's pretty simple. The code you enter into the world, in the right side of the screen you will see a new button "on/off". Just use this button and turning, and you'll bat until disable this feature.

Here is a brief overview mod Bat Simulator that you understand how the mod works and studied all its features. Better than a live demonstration, we will not talk about this.

Install mod Bat Simulator:
  • Download a mod.
  • Start BlockLauncher Pro
  • Click on the wrench key.
  • Go to "ModPE Script".
  • Enable mods and click "Add".
  • Now you need to find the downloaded mod in the file system of your device and click on it.
  • Mod installed, enjoy the game!

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