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How to make furniture out of simple blocks in Minecraft PE?


This guide was created for lovers of decor and furniture. Here I will talk about the basic ways to decorate a house in Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Well, let's start with the most simple. Create furniture out of stairs and plate:

Put the blocks of stairs as You need, and then install the side plates.

Also you can make a chair or sofa without using labels:

You first need to put the last 2 block in the opposite direction, and then connect them. You get what You see in the screenshot.

Stone semi-blocks look even richer:

Now apply the fence. Install a fence with a 2x2 square put on it half block of stone, or pressure plates made of wood. Then on the sides of the stairs. We get the following:

Similar can be done by increasing the number of stairs:

Now use the piston and red flame. Installed under the ground red torch, and it put the piston:

Similar can be done with pressure plate. Make a large chair with a empty block in the center. This place put the pressure plate. And close the piston, as in the screenshot:

22 Aug 2016
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