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How to make a Popcorn-machine in Minecraft PE?
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Hello to all visitors of our website. In this guide You will learn how to build a new mechanism, namely, a popcorn machine in Minecraft PE!

It will look something like this:

So, let's begin. Install the distributor, and then under it will dig a pit 2 blocks of 3x3:

Put 2 of the block under the distributor as follows:

1 piece of Redstone:

The activated comparator:

Dig another 2 block and install the Redstone:

A little more Redstone:

Red torch under the distributor:

Metal plate on the top block:

Concealed mechanism, adding elements of decoration:

For more realism you can rename the pumpkin seeds in the anvil on the new name of "Popcorn":

Stand on the pressure plate and get the result:

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