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How to build a small Medieval House in Minecraft PE


In this guide You can see step-by-step construction of the small house, which will be very attractive, but would not require special resources. We will build, of course, in Minecraft PE.

Let's start. Placed our house on the site 7x7:

We will build in layers. 1 layer consists of the corners of the cobblestones and walls of boards:

Entrance will be simple, put an ordinary wooden door:

This building is mainly intended for decoration, or for beginners, so compactly put everything inside:

The second layer of walls is very similar to the first:

Hang torches and make the window:

The third layer of the walls:

The main beauty and decor of our home will be the roof:

Make the approach to the door and our house is ready:

Waiting for Your requests and ideas in the comments.

06 Nov 2016
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