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How to make a wheat bread using the beds in Minecraft PE?


As elsewhere, the bread is in reality Minecraft is no less important than any other foods. He serves as food and is able to satisfy the hunger of three units. Making it the second in the ranking after the nutritional value of fried meat. The process of obtaining bread difficult but very exciting, actually like everything in minecraft. The first step towards the extraction of the necessary ingredients and baking the bread, will be the crafting of tools — hoes. Further, it is necessary to produce seeds of wheat, and to find a place nearby was a spring of water or to do it myself. Wheat requires irrigation when grown, therefore the availability of water depends on the amount of harvest. Next, the user must plow the earth is only processed blocks of land able to please the wheat harvest. After, comes the time of sowing seeds. Don't forget to pour some water on them.

So, the wheat is growing exactly to the day. During this period you need to make the fence on the field from cows, horses and other mobs that can stomp the ground and destroy the crop. The player can move through treated soil using the Shift key.

End process— the gathering of the wheat and seeds for subsequent planting in the ground.

Recipe: how to make bread
Having three units of wheat, open the workbench and fill their whole Central number. The result is one loaf of bread. Note that the product can be stored up to 64 pieces (standard for minecraft stack), folded in a stack on each other. As you know, to make this product have to try.

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