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How to make a dye in Minecraft PE?


To dye wool and leather armor using special dyes. In Minecraft PE there are many types of dyes. For example, to dye wool using 22 types of dyes. Thirteen of them can be extracted in a natural way, nine is produced by mixing different shades. But to paint the armor a lot more options. The dyes are produced by crafting at a workbench or processing in the oven.

Each plant or object — new color.


  • Cactus — green color
  • Rose, poppy, red Tulip — red color;
  • Peony or Tulip pink — pink color;
  • Lapis — color of ultramarine;
  • Onion — purple color;
  • Bone meal — white color;
  • Ink bag — black color;
  • White Tulip — light grey color;
  • Sunflower — yellow color.

How to paint — the application of dyes
So, to make the painting of the coat — you need to have the white wool and dye in the inventory. The result is to paint only one block of wool. Much more profitable to paint the sheep. In this case, you should bring the dye is very close and press the RMB. Next, take the scissors and cut the animal. Get wool two or three times more than in the case of the Kraft standard. In addition, the hair tends to grow back. And grows it's already painted. Deciding to breed sheep in two different colors, to get a baby of a completely different color. Applying this algorithm, the new version of the game can be painted and collars wolves.

Painting the armor in the workbench, have the first item of armor and then at random dye. The armor can be repainted. If you didn't clean the pot beforehand, then the second color to be the average between the previous and desired.

Another option for the use of dyes in practice is the use when crafting fireworks and paint clay and glass.

15 Oct 2016
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