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How to make a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft PE?


Sometimes, in order to perform a dangerous mission and avoid attacking mobs, you need at least for a few minutes to become invisible. This will help the knowledge of potion of invisibility. Having a lot of steps, it can make the player invisible from three to eight minutes.

A list of tools and ingredients
Prior to the procedure preserves the potion to get the brew stand and three flasks, one of which not forget to get water. Next, check a component for a potion — a hell of a growth. If there isn't — recover, it will require in a fortress located in Hell. Only having obtained it, you can start the procedure of cooking.

So, step number one
Open cooking panel. Before the user has to open the four cells. In the first (top) cell must be marked hell build-up, and one of the bottom three — a bottle of water. Next, follow the cooking process.

Step two
Begin the process of adding a second component of the Golden carrot. Her drink will be converted and will have the name potion of night vision. No Golden carrots? Then it needs to be crafted.

To open the workbench and place in the center of conventional carrots, all remaining cells to be filled with nuggets of gold. As a result, getting the Golden carrot. When the desired component is available, in the top box of the hob, put the newly generated carrots.

Step three
In the prepared potion added the last ingredient — pickled spider eyes. We all remember that crafted it in the workbench — in the presence of a brown mushroom, a spider eye and one unit of sugar.

So slowly, have obtained a component in the same place that a hell of a knot and a Golden carrot. As a result — a potion of invisibility ready. Its effect is three minutes.
Know that you do not have enough time? Then in the top cell put a single unit of red dust. It will extend your opportunity to be invisible for eight minutes.

16 Nov 2016
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