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Download Minecraft PE v1.12.0.28 APK free Latest Version


Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.12.0.1 APK free
Minecraft PE v1.12.0.28 - this is the final latest version, which will contain all the new features from 1.11 - 1.8 versions. Minecraft 1.12.0 is available for download on Android. The global update of "Village and Pillage" is coming to an end and soon we will see the first beta tests and the full release.

Meet the long-awaited shields along with the Minecraft Bedrock 1.12.0 update! Now only 1 iron ingot and 6 wooden boards you can make a shield that will protect you from the attacks of hostile mobs (and other players). In addition to shields, the developers have added a lot of new features (about the most important read below).

Developers: Microsoft and Mojang
Available languages: English (70 more)
Last updated: July 9, 2019

What's new in Minecraft PE v1.12.0.28?

Features of Minecraft 1.12.0 on Android

Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.12.0.1 APK free
  • Updated residents. Now it has own skins that indicate the level, profession and biome!
  • Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.12.0.1 APK free
  • The new behavior of the villagers in Minecraft Residents will not just hang around the village, and work for their jobs. But remember that during the night and rain they will hide in their houses!
  • Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.12.0.1 APK free
  • New effects and improvements. Now the crossbow has new improvements (multishot volley, armor piercing, fast reload).
  • Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.12.0.1 APK free
  • New decorative block - chair. Put on this book with a pen to read with friends (coming soon meet the new functions with the Red stone).
  • Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.12.0.1 APK free
  • Added loom - a quick and affordable way to add patterns to banners. Use the banner, one of the ready-made templates and dye to get a beautiful banner!

Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.12.0.1 APK free

Changes in Minecraft 1.12.0

  • Added animation when receiving effects of the Bad Omen and the hero of the village
  • Click the right mouse button on the transaction will automatically do the exchange in MCPE Android
  • Updated the crafting recipes for the map table of the forging press and the Desk of Archer
  • Pillagers will break down doors during raids

Minecraft PE v1.12.0 Overview

Download Minecraft v1.12.0 Android

MinecraftPE_mods_com.apk (2.48 Mb)
Minecraft_PE_v1.12.0.28_Xbox_mod.apk (84.63 Mb)
Minecraft_PE_v1.12.0.28_Mod_version.apk (87.78 Mb)
Minecraft_PE_v1.12.0.14_Mod_version.apk (87.89 Mb) Free Marketplace

22 Mar 2019
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