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How to make a TNT-gun in Minecraft PE?


Desire to attack large structures has led to the fact that users actively build a Minecraft TNT cannon. You need to have:

  • Blocks of solid rock — an optimal variant of the blocks of obsidian.
  • Repeaters, primary function of which is to provide a delay before the explosion sticks of dynamite. The required number of repeaters is 4 pieces.
  • Red dust, the main function is to connect repeaters in a single chain.
  • Water — one bucket. The function of water in this case — protection of the gun so that it is not ripped.
  • Button. Need to fire the gun.
    Make TNT cannon

    Before the Assembly procedure of the weapon select the location where it will be located. After all, the gun cannot move during the battle. Then proceed with the Assembly of military devices. There is this:

  • First built the base out of obsidian (or other substantial block), in the form of T-shaped Foundation.

  • The next step will be the filling cavity located in the center of the Foundation, a bucket of water.

  • Rear side cavity with the liquid lay several blocks.
  • Next, install the repeaters and connect them produced red dust.

    Well, the last stage — installation of the button that activates the gun.

    That gun worked, the cavity will have to install three sticks of dynamite for explosions and one for charging.

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