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How to make a stick in Minecraft PE?


Wood is quite an indispensable thing. On the territory of Minecraft it is possible to make many useful devices. Including the fence, to craft which have to produce six poles and gates, fishing rod, bow, ladder elements, painting, electric rails, red flame and the arrow. These items are not a complete list of what you can get having a stick as a primary or auxiliary element.

And yet, where do we get the right amount of wooden sticks? There are several ways. The first option is crafting in a workbench.
Taken for prescription two block boards, which are located in the workbench in a column one above the other. Successful completion of crafting will be four new wooden sticks.

The second option is extraction of the stick. The essence of the method — the battle with the witch. After defeating her you can get that subject.

Interesting facts
Having a stick, the player can use the table of caravania and books to enchant for silk touch, or more serious spells. We are talking about all known spells — the conspiracy of the fire and sharpness. Only after that the stick can be safely used many times. After all, a wooden stick, which has magical powers, has a special strength.

24 Dec 2015
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