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How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft PE?


Fishing in Minecraft PE is unfairly costing the attention of even experienced players. It is believed that such an occupation brings little food, and spends a lot of time. Adding to this the wear and tear of tools and small the potential to restore the balance of satiety and hunger, turns out not too good picture when compared with farms of wheat or potatoes. However, to tame a ocelot or a cat can propagate only fish. This means that any player must know the recipe to craft fishing rods.

For its creation you will need three sticks and two spider silk. Filled with craft sticks in the box diagonal from the lower left cell column to the top cell in the right column. Two spider silk set free cells in the right column. The resulting fishing rod can be directly tested in a nearby pond, just throwing it with the left mouse button.

Also the bait can be breed with carrots. Received by the instrument is controlled by a pig, saddled on horseback. Fans of "achievements" and achievements to be remembered – "When pigs fly" is performed using a fishing rod with a carrot, so no crafting recipe do not work.


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12 Dec 2015
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