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How to make a diamond in Minecraft PE?


All Minecraft players, no doubt, appreciate such a precious stone like a diamond. Without his participation is crucial to making solid diamond pickaxe or diamond armor or diamond shovel, nor a weapon. To get important component for crafting several possible ways. Get yourself at the depth of 16 levels using an iron pickaxe or be produced by several components.

What the player needs to do?

In order to manufacture diamonds has become possible, you need to install a modification — Industrial Craft2. When you installed the player must obtain the following components:
— block of iron and obsidian;
— brick block and eight blocks of silicon;
— coal — 64 piece.
In addition, you need to have the compressor and the masticator.

Theory on manufacturing

Having everything on the list, proceed to the first step of the processed coal by means of a masticator to coal dust. Then take the flint and the coal and make coal balls. Then, the ball is put in compressor to get a compressed coal ball. After this procedure, the player must make a lump of coal. It will need to compress in the compressor. Ultimately this will give the user the finished diamond. This diamond is no different because the player can find in the village or at depth in the mine.

04 Mar 2016
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