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How to make a chainmail in Minecraft PE?


The player learned that the majority of subjects in the universe of Minecraft, you can get or make it. However, there are exceptions, as in the case of such combat armor like armor. Outwardly it has the appearance of a chess Board, having properties similar to gold armor. Craft yourself in Survival mode it is impossible, except for the versions where you are allowed to use cheats. The basis of prescription in this case — a large amount of fire.

Do helmet
Take the work bench, open fire and filled the entire first row and two cells of the second row, leaving the middle empty. The third row do not touch.

Make cuirass
The recipe is simple — open the workbench and fire fill all the cells except the middle of the first row.

Do leggings
Click on the workbench and fire filled the entire first row. The second and third fills are identical — only the cell with the left and right side.

Do boots
In this case, the crafting bench is only filled with second and third row, two extreme cells in each. The first number in the prescription is not used.

As a result, the chain mail finish.

If a player is looking for other ways of obtaining much-needed protection — he will have to collect emeralds. Then go to carry out the procedures of exchange in the village. Being there, to find the blacksmith's house and offer a character
change. It happens that the first or second try to get chain armor will not work, so don't despair and move on, continuing to look for the next blacksmith's house.

The third method of production of the armor is the battle with the skeletons-zombie. In the game they tend to wear different armor. Armed with a sword and go into a dark place in order to fight with the enemy. To get the mail will help the sword pre-enchanted spell "Looting". Get ready for that first mail you will get, will have to put a lot of effort to get military protection. Using such method, the user simultaneously performs two useful tasks — receives a great amount of experience and he needs armor.

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