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How To Build a house (part 46) in Minecraft PE


In this tutorial series I will gradually build a house, doing the screenshots and describing their actions. I believe this will be very useful for beginners (possibly more!). We will build, of course, in Minecraft PE.

Where we left off in the previous part?

While we have no activator mechanism and a place to gather our harvest. Let's do this:

Dig the place. Next you need to remember that growth in the garden requires light, which the night there. Using lights and blocks of red stone make the lighting(You can use anything else instead of blocks of red stone)

All, now our beds are covered around the clock. Next we have the three broken chains of the mechanism, combine them into one:

Between connections install repeaters to make the signal faded:

I don't want to do the activator mechanism is in sight, so hide it under the ground. Dig a hole:

On the other hand also dig a hole:

Make between the two holes passage, in order there to lay the Redstone:

19 Oct 2016
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