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How to Build a two-Storey House of Brick (part 2) in Minecraft PE


And in this series of guides we are going to build a two-storey house consisting of bricks and wood. We will build, of course, in Minecraft PE.

Where we left off in the previous part?

Continue. Do the visor on the porch, erected for this support:

Visor complemented backlight:

Also another visor will be near the Windows at the front of the house:

Begin to narrow down the roof, and we continue to build it out of Sandstone:

The roof is made of stairs wood:

The floors on the second floor also will do out of wood:

Decor on the second floor chests:

Continue to do the roof:

Well, that's all. Such house has no singularities, but is well suited for beginners who will be able to build all the same, but from the materials to your taste.

14 Nov 2016
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