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How to Build a two-Storey House of Brick (part 1) in Minecraft PE


And in this series of guides we are going to build a two-storey house consisting of bricks and wood. We will build, of course, in Minecraft PE.

Let's start with the basics, the walls will be a 12x18 size:

Our house is a veranda, with floor to where we start:

Staircase approach to it:

Gender we do in baked clay, which can be found in the appropriate biome (to find the right seed, You can see the seeds)

Lighting of the lights, decor, table and chairs on the 1st floor:

Will finish the railing on the porch:

The decor on the 1st floor:

Raise the walls 1 of the floor:

The first floor is almost finished, but we will finish it in the next part.

11 Nov 2016
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