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How To Build a house (part 4) in Minecraft PE


In this tutorial series I will gradually build a house, doing the screenshots and describing their actions. I believe this will be very useful for beginners (possibly more!). We will build, of course, in Minecraft PE.

Where we left off in the previous part?

Our task now is to build up the floor. But make it difficult, or rather time. For this I use the new console commands.

For example, we need to make the floor Sandstone. For this stand in the first corner point of the desired plot:

Enter the command /spawnpoint

Get the first coordinates. Run to second corner (opposite) point. Enter the same command:

Now, on the basis of the coordinate collect a whole team to fill the floor:
  • /fill x y-2 z (obtained in the 1nd case) x y-2 z (obtained in the 2nd case) sandstone (in our case, this block of Sandstone).

    Explanation. What do you mean y-2? This is the height of the floor. When you type /spawnpoint we get the coordinates of the head of the player, the coordinates of the floor on two blocks below. Hence it appears that the height Y should be decreased by 2 units.

    So in creative mode you can easily determine coordinates. But be aware that the command /spawnpoint, sets the spawn, don't forget to set it to the right place.


    Then I decided to change something at the entrance. I tried to make the sign of the pistons, but it's too bulky, so these screenshots You will not see. We'll just do the entrance of 1 door made of birch. I think this is the best option. Also I put the Mat at the entrance:

    Another decoration I made glowing blocks, allegedly holding on to the fence:

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