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Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.14.0 Build 3


Try a recent build 0.14.0 from Mojang with a whole bunch of bug fixes!

  • Maps now work at the highest zoom level, because the reduction is too "expensive" in the anvil. This is a temporary change until you get to craft like on the PC.
  • Winter biomes, carpets and plates are no longer slow!
  • Map can now be created with the help of a special button.
  • The distributor, a hopper, and the extractor now has a bar.
  • If witches aren't real goals, they will begin to escape from the water.
  • The items from the trolley to the trunk now'm dropping items in Creative mode.

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash when deleting subject from the frame.
  • Maps created by the client will now be displayed even if the player is offline (offline).
  • Fixed crash when destroying the extractors and distributors in a flat world.
  • Fixed crash while trying to put any item into the cart with a chest.
  • Fixed crash due to recipes.
  • Fixed high sensitivity in Governance.
  • Pointers using the arrow in the box now appear on the map in a frame.
  • Enchanted items Shine less brightly.
  • Fixed color dyed enchanted armor.
  • Fixed animation enchanted item.
  • Customers no longer teleports you to the Lower world after the restart of the client.
  • The funnel no longer throw away items if stack has reached its maximum.
  • Residents stop in some cases.
  • Play sound on iOS now uses less energy.
  • Mobs no longer burn when they are in the water during the day.
  • Chests now properly closed in multiplayer.
  • Removed flying trolley in the biome Mesa.
  • The red Sandstone is no longer crafted in ordinary sand.
  • Shot with the player's head mobs no longer destroys previous head.

  • Which of the features in this update did you like the most?
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